Karume Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) in Zanzibar hosts ITP and AHUMAIN Artificial Intelligence (AI) training. This project aims to provide AI knowledge to participants from Zanzibar, Tanzania mainland, and Uganda, fostering regional growth and innovation. The program was made possible by the International Training Programme of VLIRUOS, a Flemish organization committed to supporting international partnerships in higher education and research and Eramsus+,a European Union program that fosters international collaboration and mobility aiming to enrich the learning experiences of individuals and promote cross-cultural understanding..

The AI training sessions are led by a Wouter Gevaert and Wim Casteels, specialists from Belgium. Participants had the privilege of learning from experts deeply entrenched in the rapidly evolving field of machine learning. The training sessions went beyond theoretical knowledge, placing a strong emphasis on practical application. Demos and excercises allow participants to apply their newfound AI skills in real-world scenarios, preparing them to address local challenges and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Zanzibar: A Hub for Learning

At Kist we are implementing the Karume Innovation Hub, which is the central point of a new business ecosystem. This ecosystem will enhance the collaboration between all innovative parties in Zanzibar, will create a multidisciplinary community for learning and research and will act as an incubator to facilitate start-ups and product development for new and sustainable (digital) products.

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