ITP ’23-’25

The goal of the International Training Program (ITP) is to implement an innovation hub, which can act as the central point of a new business ecosystem. This ecosystem will enhance the collaboration between all innovative parties in Zanzibar, will create a multidisciplinary community for learning and research and will act as an incubator to facilitate start-ups and product development for new and sustainable (digital) products.

Sharing Minds, Changing Lives


During the 3-years project we will deliver following results:

  • Installation of the innovation hub: establish procedures for application of ideas, create a virtual and physical workspace, provide the necessary equipment, install the administrative office
  • Creation of the business ecosystem: organize network events, trainings on Tech (AI and IoT), Creativity and Business, seminars for business and governmental leaders, active recruiting of members through visits, calls, mailings…
  • Market the region and the innovation hub through an extensive marketing plan, a website, social media accounts, brochures…s…
  • Strengthen the collaboration between AP university college of applied Sciences and Arts and the Zanzibar region, to ensure a long-term partnership
  • Provide internships for Belgian and African students in the innovation hub
  • Put in place a selection procedure for new projects in the innovation hub and establish a “pay-it-forward” policy for successful start-ups. This means that we will ask a commitment of the successful starters to become a mentor for the new starters.

In the first 2 years, the focus will be on the Zanzibar Region (including all islands) to ensure a solid base for the innovation hub. In year 3, we will explore the possibilities of expanding the network to the Tanzanian mainland. Beyond the project, it is our ambition to extend the reach of the innovation hub to all of East-Africa.