Innovation is the key to progress and growth, and it is with this belief that we are excited to announce our presence in the innovation hub of the Karume Institute of Science and Technology. Our goal is to work on an Internet of Things network and to create innovative projects that result in a positive impact on the local community and beyond.

At the heart of our innovation hub is a collaborative effort to create solutions that leverage the power of technology and the community’s unique strengths. Right now, we are running our
IoT workshop where students of AP university of Applied Sciences and Arts, Karume Institute of Science and Technology and the State University of Zanzibar share ideas, skills, and resources to drive meaningful change.

We are developing an Internet of Things Network in Zanzibar – a network of connected devices that can exchange data and interact with one another. This network can be used to develop a wide range of innovative solutions: applications to detect air pollution, systems to measure soil parameters to prevent harvest failure and environmental monitoring.

We believe that the potential of the Internet of Things Network in Zanzibar is vast, and we are committed to exploring its capabilities to develop innovative solutions that can improve the lives of Zanzibar residents and beyond.

To achieve our goals, we like to partner with you, government organizations and local businesses, to identify challenges and opportunities and co-create solutions.

We look forward to working with the community to create innovative projects that can drive economic growth, promote sustainable development, and enhance the quality of life for all.

You are welcome to visit our innovation hub and to discuss future opportunities!

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