Today the Belgian Ambassador in Tanzania visits the Karume Innovation Hub and the Karume Institute of Science & Technology (KIST). The hub has been making waves in the tech industry, and it was no surprise that the ambassador wanted to visit and learn more about the innovative work being done there.

During the visit, the Belgian Ambassador had the opportunity to interact with students from AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts who were working on IoT applications at the hub. The students from AP and KIST and the State University of Zanzibar (SUSA) were working on a variety of IoT applications that could have significant impacts on the lives of people in Zanzibar. The sensors measure air pollution and soil parameters like temperature, humidity, and air quality (CO2, NOx, VOC) that could help keep the environment clean and healthy.

The ambassador was impressed by the work being done by the students of all universities and the potential impact that their projects could have on the local community. He praised the Karume Innovation Hub for its commitment to supporting innovation and promoting collaboration between local and international partners.

The Karume Innovation Hub is an excellent example of how innovation and technology can be used to create positive change in communities. The visit by the Belgian Ambassador to the hub highlights the importance of collaboration and partnership in driving innovation and creating sustainable solutions to local challenges. It is inspiring to see the work being done by the students at the hub and the potential impact their projects could have on the lives of people in Zanzibar. We can only hope that this visit will lead to more partnerships and collaborations that will drive innovation and create positive change in the world.

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